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Adventure Wild Australian Outback Kimberley Tours

Visit The Kimberley Wilderness in comfort and style. 

Join us for an adventure you’ll never forget in the spectacular Kimberley region. One of the most rugged and remote landscapes of the world, Adventure Wild Kimberley Tours will take you on a journey through this beautiful land in safety, comfort and style.  

With two hosts and a maximum of 16 guests on each tour, our experienced tour guides combine their knowledge and skills to bring the Kimberley to life.  Learn the history, culture, flora and fauna.  Appreciate ancient Aboriginal rock art, walk through impressive natural gorges and swim in crystal clear water. 

As a result of many years experience in The Kimberley, our itineraries have been developed to ensure an enjoyable pace with adequate time to truly soak up and experience the beauty of this ancient landscape.  Relax over a chilled beer or glass of wine and share the moment with your fellow travelers as the sun sets over the magnificent Kimberley.

Put your diet on hold as all meals are provided!  Enjoy our delicious cuisine. BYO alcohol and sit at a table to dine before relaxing under the stars around the campfire.

Travel the Australian Outback in our custom built, all terrain, modern luxury 4WD coaches. Fitted with comfortable, reclining seats, air conditioning and sliding windows that allow unimpeded photography.  Our fleet of vehicles is extremely well maintained and serviced. Nothing is taken for granted with regard to your safety. 

Sleep in your comfortable swag in easily assembled spacious, safari tents.  We use Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow deluxe tents offering maximum air flow, height and access.  All bedding is provided, the sleeping bag yours to keep!  We stay in established camp grounds with the best facilities available.  There is no single supplement!

Plan your Kimberley adventure with confidence and security knowing we have guaranteed departures on every tour.

Our safari tours are not rough and ready, we are specialists in affordable travel for the over 25s who value a bit of luxury whilst experiencing authentic Australia.  Contact us for customer service second to none!

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 “Image by Jim Wilson"



                                           Broome to Broome Kimberley Safari

                                                        12 Days- $3200.00

    Join Adventure Wild on an exciting 4WD journey exploring the gorges along The Gibb River Road, including Tunnel Creek, Windjana Gorge, Bell Gorge, Galvan's Gorge, Home Valley Station, El Questro Station, Kununurra, The Bungle Bungles and Geikie Gorge.


                                       *** The Number 1 Kimberley Tour ***


                             *** Enjoy 'The Kimberley' at a relaxed pace! ***




    " Dear Simone,

    It is two months since our Kimberley Adventure with Tommo and Gools and we’re still constantly thinking about all the wonderful things we saw and did. What an adventure! It was way beyond our expectations. Every day was different and exciting with extraordinary scenery and varied activities. It was made even better by the excellent organisation of our experienced and knowledgeable guides. They were very thoughtful to everyone’s needs and bonded our wonderful group together.

    We highly recommend this tour to anyone with even a mild sense of adventure.

    You’ll love it."

                      Will Verhoeve and Barbara Szafraniec  (Tour 9 - 13 June 2014)


    Broome Departures 2015

    1 -  Wed 06/05/2015 to Sun 17/05/2015

    2 - Fri 08/05/2015 to Tues 19/05/2015

    *   Wed 13/05/2015 to Sun 24/05/2015

    3 - Fri 15/05/2015 to Tues 26/05/2015

    4 - Wed 20/05/2015 to Sun 31/05/2015

    5 - Fri 22/05/2015 to Tues 2/06/2015

    *  Wed 27/05/2015 to Sun 7/06/2015

    6 - Fri 29/05/2015 to Tues 9/06/2015

    7 - Wed 03/06/2015 to Sun 14/06/2015

    8 - Fri 05/06/2015 to Tues 16/06/2015

    *  Wed 10/06/2015 to Sun 21/06/2015

    9 - Fri 12/06/2015 to Tues 23/06/2015

    10 - Wed 17/06/2015 to Sun 28/06/2015

    11 - Fri 19/06/2015 to Tues 30/06/2015

    *  Wed 24/06/2015 to Sun 5/7/2015

    12 -  Fri 26/06/2015 to Tues 07/07/2015

    13 - Wed 01/07/2015 to Sun 12/07/2015

    14 - Fri 03/07/2015 to Tues 14/07/2015

    *  Wed 8/07/14 to Sun 19/07/2014

    15 - Fri 10/07/2015 to Tues 21/07/2015     


    16 - Wed 15/07/2015 to Sun 26/07/2015

    17 - Fri 17/07/2015 to Tues 28/07/2015

    * Wed 22/07/2015 to Sun 02/08/2015

    18 - Fri 24/07/2015 to Tues 04/08/2015

    19 - Wed 29/07/2015 to Sun 09/08/2015

    20 - Fri 31/07/2015 to Tues 11/08/2015

    21 - Fri 07/08/2015 to Tues 18/08/2015

    22 - Wed 12/08/2015 to Sun 23/08/2015

    23 - Fri 14/08/2015 to Tues 25/08/2015

    24 - Fri 21/08/2015 to Tues 01/09/2015

    25 - Wed 26/08/2014 to Sun 06/09/2015

    26 - Fri 28/08/2015 to Tues 08/09/2015

    27 - Fri 04/09/2015 to Tues 15/09/2015

    28 - Wed 09/09/2014 to Sun 20/09/2015

    29 - Fri 11/09/2015 to Tues 22/09/2015       


            Please check available seats here!!       -    AVAILABLE SEATS

        ** Seats for May & June are already filling.. make sure you get in early! **

    2016 Tour Dates

    • Broome to Kununurra Kimberley Safari  

    • 7 Days

    • Experience The Gibb River Road gorges, Windjana Gorge, Tunnel Creek, Home Valley Station, El Questro Station and ends in Kununurra. An ideal tour if you are a bit short of time.     
    • Broome to Darwin Kimberley Safari  

    • 9 Days

    • This Tour explores The Gibb River Road gorges, Windjana Gorge, Tunnel Creek and visits Home Valley Station, El Questro Station, Kununurra and gets you up to Darwin.        

                 Kimberley Outback Tours from Darwin...

    • Darwin to Broome Kimberley Safari     

    • 6 Days

    • This tour travels to Kununurra, Warmun Art Centre, Purnululu National Park, Bungle Bungles, Halls Creek, Fitzroy Crossing, Geikie Gorge and Broome. 


                Kimberley Outback Tours from Kununurra... 

    • Kununurra to Kununurra Kimberley Safari    

    • 13 Days

    • This tour travels from Kununurra to Warmun Art Centre, Purnululu National Park, Bungle Bungles, Halls Creek, Fitzroy Crossing, Geikie Gorge and Broome and then explores the gorges along The Gibb River Road visiting Home Valley Station, El Questro and returns to Kununurra.  

      Kununurra to Broome Kimberley Safari       

    • 4 Days

    • This tour travels to Warmun Art Centre, Purnululu National Park, Bungle Bungles, Halls Creek, Fitzroy Crossing, Geikie Gorge and Broome.  

    Why Travel with Adventure Wild Kimberley Tours?

    TWO EXPERIENCED tour guides on every safari, improving your SAFETY, comfort and experience

    Modern, comfortable, off-road air-conditioned 4WD tour coaches with forward facing seats

    Small groups with a maximum of 16 guests

    Guaranteed departures on every tour

    Itineraries developed to ensure maximum guest experience and enjoyment

    NO Single Supplement & no requirement to share

    Guests sleep in spacious Safari tents.

    All bedding provided, including swags with a thick mattress, sleeping bag, pillow & pillowcase

    Camping at established campsites with the best facilities available

    All meals, snacks and water provided

    BYO alcohol & soft drink

    Sit at a table to dine

    Camp chairs with backrests

    240v system for charging cameras and laptops

    Fantastic customer service and assistance from initial contact through to post tour communications

    100% WA locally owned and operated

    Specialists in the Kimberley region

      Another Kimberley Sunset                       

    The Kimberley - Listed by Lonely Planet Guide as the 2nd most beautiful and desirable Region in The world!    

    Due to popular demand, seats are very limited.

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